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LumaRail is the industry's safest and most feature-packed bed assist rail available.   Integrated IntelliBrite motion sensing LED night light means you will never be left in the dark.  No switches to fumble with, this smart light turns on and off all by itself. LumaRail will accommodate all beds, even beds as low as 12".  Includes integrated bed frame anchor strap to ensures optimal safety.

The Revolver swiveling shower seat is the perfect solution for in-home and residential showering and hygiene care. A user can rotated 360 degrees over a standard tub wall or into a shower.  Two folding armrests allow convenience access from either side.  These features greatly decrease users’ and caretakers’ space and mobility restrictions.

Dr "G" sheds some light on our infrared light therapy systems available for home use.  You can have power to increase local circulation bringing oxygen and nutrition to the treated site, while reducing pain, stiffness, and inflammation.

A perfect companion for fitness and rehabilitation of your legs and arms.

Dr "G" gives a quick demo on using this all-in-one device to effectively stop the pain and begin the healing of Tennis Elbow.

The new LumaRail(tm) Bed Assist Rail incorporates a unique LED motion sensing night light for maximum user safety and convenience. This revolutionary feature eliminates the need to enter or exit the bed in complete darkness and eliminates the need to reach and fumble for the switch of a bedside lamp. The integrated IntelliBrite LED nightlight senses body movement and automatically turns on when the user is detected and automatically turns off 20 seconds after the users last movement. Since the light's sensor faces away from the bed, any user movement...