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SCIENTIFICALLY ENGINEERED PROPRIETARY FORMULA - Turbo Charged with 17 of the highest quality, most potent essential ingredients available anywhere, Quantum Boost provides one of the greatest amounts of active ingredients per serving for optimal results. Experience the incredible immune system... Click Here For Details

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About the product SUPPORTS BOWEL REGULARITY. Those that suffer from constipation or irregular bowel movements can benefit greatly from Aloe 450. Constipation and irregular bowel movements can be caused by a multitude of issues. Aloe 450 is a great source... Click Here For Details

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About the product PROVIDES BASELINE NUTRITION. Baseline nutrition is the concept of providing your body with an ongoing supply of a multitude of nutrients that are missing from the average diet. Our patented B Complex formulation is a professional strength... Click Here For Details

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About the product SUPPORTS ESTROGEN BALANCE. Estrogen balance is crucial for healthy pregnancy, hormone regulation, blood pressure balance and much more. Our patented Estromone formula helps regulate and balance out these hormones with just a capsule a day. MAINTAINS PROPER... Click Here For Details

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About the product SUPPORTS HEALTHY DIGESTION. Improper digestion, or indigestion is commonly associated with heartburn: a painful burning sensation in your esophagus that can be linked to an upset stomach. Poor digestion can result in bloating, nausea, vomiting and can... Click Here For Details

Finding the right balance of nutrients from diet alone can be difficult for most of us. We do our best to optimize our bodies for performance but sometimes we need that extra edge. That's where Platinum Health's supplements come in.

Platinum Health has partnered with Quantum Leap Nutraceuticals to bring results to anyone seeking the benefits supplements can bring to their daily routine. Neuropaquell is one of the best, natural supplements for people with diabetes, specifically people dealing with diabetic neuropathy pain. Glucoquell is one of the best dietary supplements for diabetics and individuals wanting to monitor their blood sugar. Quantum Boost is one of the most powerful superfoods available for men over 40.

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